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Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC) is the most populated city in Vietnam, more than 8 million inhabitants. Formerly called Saïgon, this city is the economic and industrial heart of Vietnam. The fast growth of HCMC causes environmental issues like plastic pollution.

In south Asia, plastic started to be used in 1990 and became essential, because it is cheap and easy to use. Today Vietnamese people are used to throw their plastic waste everywhere, like they did before with the old compostable materials. In Vietnam, plastic can be recycled in few areas but the major part of wastes, included plastic, is landfilled.

To response to this issue, Le Thuy Linh, a Vietnamese entrepreneur, offers compostable containers for hostels and restaurants. We met her at the Hive, a coworking space in HCMC.


Le Thuy Linh creates Green Domino in April 2018. Her startup company, focused on BtoB market, provides eco-restaurant solutions. The global objective is to promote compostable material as an alternative to plastic components. The team is composed now by the founder and one other collaborator.

Green Domino sells ecological containers, imported from Thailand or China, and would like to develop compostable products supply chain in Vietnam by using agricultural co-products as sugar cane. This market is not really developed in the country, thus one of Green Domino challenges is to make this market growing by raising awareness on plastic pollution. The first step is already initiated: in few months, the first paper straws made in Vietnam will be commercialized.


Today, Green Domino has a few clients already committed on positive health and environmental impacts. The challenge is to find new hostels or restaurants and to convince them of the added value for their brand image, even if it is 2 times more expensive.

That is why, Green Domino communicate on plastic pollution to influence consumers habits. This young market requires strong business and communication skills in a developing country.

Moreover, the new paper straws factory in Vietnam, initiated by Le Thuy Linh, aims to valorize sugar cane co-products and then decreasing the final cost. The lower selling price is a competitive edge to conquer the Vietnam market.


The ecological solutions acceptance by hotel industry actors is one of the future challenges of Green Domino. Le Thuy Linh plans to pursue to raise awareness and to influence consumers habits.

The production relocation is a lever to lower costs and to develop ecological products market in Vietnam. She bets on the market growth to raise funds and to invest on eco-solutions production and supply chain in Vietnam.

The cost of a product or a service will be always an important key selection factor. Therefore, Green Domino has to find solutions to decrease the final cost and to influence public interests. It is a big challenge, difficult to handle without stakeholders’ support, like from the public authorities. For instance, to face to this issue, the French government has already forbidden the one-use plastic bag, and all polystyrene containers, cotton buds will be banned in 2020…  it forces the people to consume ecological containers!




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