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As travellers, we needed to request some support from local guides and people in places we could not discover alone .
In the context of BUILD Projects, we made the choice to give priority to an ecotourism approach. We decided to develop an eco-responsibility criteria grid*. This allows us to choose a relevant organisation and try to have a positive impact on these areas.
This page aims to share our experience and understanding about local issues.

* Criterias : Local employment and activities / Low environmental impact / Public involvment / Cultural heritage conservation

Rapa Nui, le récit mystérieux d’un écocide encore actuel

[Sorry, only french for now…] Depuis de nombreuses annees, l’île de Paques nourrit curiosité et fascination à travers le monde entier. Ses célèbres statues, appelés Moaï, font de cette île et de ses habitants une source de mystères encore irrésolus. Aujourd’hui, les Pascuans subissent de profondes transformations et tentent de conserver cet héritage ancestral qu’est […]

Domesticated elephants, a required touristic evolution to preserve local ecosystems

The 3rd BUILD’ Experiences episode brings you in the North of Cambodia, meeting the Bunong ethnicity of the Mondulkiri region. This place is known by many foreigners because, thanks to Bunongs, tourists can do there one of the most sought-after and striking experience in South Asia for western people: encounter elephants. We also wanted to experiment […]

Sa Pa, when low-cost tourism overlooks social impact

The second part of Build’Experiences takes you to the far North of the Viet Nam: Sa Pa. Viet Nam, populated by 93 million people, is now booming economically. The agriculture sector employs almost half of the active population and tourism represents a part more and more important of the national economy. Although the speed of […]

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