Make Sense & Blockchain | VIETNAM

We had the chance to meet Thy Nguyen Minh: founder of the Make Sense community in Viet Nam.

This global movement, our partner for Build Project, gather committed citizens and entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of tomorrow
Minh makes us discover an active Vietnamese social entrepreneurs’ community. In addition to keep leading this organization, she is also an expert in blockchain and it's very interesting!
Today, there is a hyper centralization of the web around several giants: Google, Fb, Apple... This leads to controversial practices: massive collection and selling personal data, dependence on a private company, no competition... 
It's for a decentralized and faster web that blockchain was created: a new storage and information transmission technology without central control . It is as if the user possesses and managed himself his own data, without "facilitator" such as Fb, and could see the data of others without the ability to change it: the news chain is thus distributed.
Minh presented us some blockchain projects applied to environmental and social issues:
• The CLOOP project (https://cloop.network/aboutus/) led by Robin Fan, aims to develop a decentralized system of waste collection.
• A project of the United Nations: Building Blocks, wants to optimize the food supply chain in Africa and educate people to the use of this system (https://www.coindesk.com/un-food-program-to-expand-blockchain-testing-to-african-supply-chain/)
Many environmental and social projects, using the blockchain technology, emerge. However, this technology has some limits that needs to be studied: energy consumption, job removals...

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