Why BUILD Projects ?

Today 50% of human kind lives in urban areas and by 2050 more than 75%. Due to this human concentration, these places produce more than 75% of global CO2 emission.

In order to respond to this social and environmental challenge, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The 11th is Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The United Nations appeals for action to transform the world and make it more sustainable, prosperous and environmentally. BUILD Projects is an answer to that call, focusing on cities because these places acts as magnets for talent and catalyze innovation.

What is BUILD Projects ?

BUILD Projects is a committed worldtour on positive social & environmental impacts in cities during 9 months.
This project aims to promote urban initiatives by sharing knowledges and inspirations for local & sustainable development.
You can find here OUR BROCHURE.

Our 3 mains objectives are:


Identify urban actors and analyze their sustainable approach.


Highlight these innovations and feature them through social medias.


Create an active community to spread knowledges and inspirations.

BUILD’ Topics






25 years old.
Electrical engineer specialized in renewable energy & innovation.
Food lover, from France & Bretagne.

24 years old.
Agri-food engineer, specialized in sustainable development & marketing.
Nature lover, from France & Greece.

What is our itinerary ?

A Committed Worldtour

Environmental Footprint Reduction

A travel deteriorates often the carbon footprint, mainly because of transport. That is why we committed ourselves to : use soft transport as soon as possible, local food and less meat, limit plastic consumption (no straws, no plastic bags…)

Carbone Offset

Indeed, the best greenhouse gas is the one that is not at all emitted. But to go further, we have chosen to offset the carbon emissions due to our flights : 22 tons of CO2! We thank our partner South Pole to support a biogas project in Thailand.

Responsible Tourism

We try to give maximum priority to responsible tourism, with a positive social and environmental impact. We think that eco-tourism can be a new way to consum and travel. You can watch some articles of our last experiences in BUILD’ Experiences page.

Our Family